MDU Bulk TV & Internet Solutions

Supercloud International’s MDU-SDU Program is our best value Bulk Television and Bulk Internet Service Solutions ranging from 25 Mbps to over 1 Gbps. Most web or APP. enabled devices now require some form of WiFi to access content. Smartphones are the driving force behind the voracious appetite for bandwidth. The requirement for WiFi / Bandwidth starts with home computers, your internet connected TVs to smartphones, wireless printers, security systems, and your residents require more and more bandwidth to ensure that all their devices are functioning properly & supported with maximum capacity across all their devices.

Technology is ever Evolving and with the explosion of streaming, Traditional Cable TV and Satellite TV have become antiquated and obsolete Television Delivery Systems. Now comes the Revolutionary Next Generation of Streaming with the SCI - 5G/I.o.T. (Internet of Things) service solutions, we completely replace the old CableTV, Satellite (Dish/DirectTV) systems. So NO More Cable Guy, DISH on your Roof, drilling holes in your walls to bring your TV to You. We provide the World’s First completely Plug-N-Play out of the box systems that is consumer friendly and it provides the MDU-SDU Industry the most exciting value proposition since the introduction of IPTV nearly 30 years ago. While everyone has been "ditching the dish and cutting the cord", a quiet revolution has been growing in streaming. Streaming as it's known is about to be forever changed with SCI’s CloudCable, the underlying technology developed by SCI which brings the best internet sources together in one unified internet solution to provide the most powerful set of internet capabilities in the World.

Better Value With Our Fully-Customizable Bulk TV & Entertainment Packages

Provide residents with lightning fast connectivity, premium channels, customizable entertainment packages, highest-resolution video, and quick deployment. Our apartment and condo TV services give your residents pricing that beats the industry giants. The MDU-SDU program can provide a sense of unrestricted freedom that will set your property apart in efficiency. SuperCloud International provides residents superior technology and entertainment at a reasonable price.

  • Over 225+ Premium And Ultra-Premium Channels SD, HD & Ultra High Resolution 4K Video
  • Voice activated remote
  • 24/7 365 Customer Support
  • Rapid Installation
  • Plug-N-Play
  • No-Hassle Equipment SD, HD & Ultra High Resolution 4K Video
  • Continuous Connectivity
  • Hundreds of Channels and Entertainment Choices
  • Social Media Platform
  • 5G/Lo.T.Set Top Boxes(Coming Summer of 2021)
  • Advanced Cloud DVR
  • Many Additional Streaming Option