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Adventure awaits.. | UMAXX.TV

B2B Platform for: SSO/MSO/PCO/ISP Operators Solution & Integration

SuperCloud International, Inc. is pleased to announce its Operator Program for the Cable Operator, e.g. SSO, MSO, PCO & ISP’s for their Broadband & Wireless Operations.

SCI’s sophisticated Converged Cloud Access System™ (C.C.A.S.™) and Super MaxCloud™ solutions are our advanced & completely customizable end-to-end hybrid cloud-powered multi-media solutions. We partner with you to leverage your existing infrastructure and provide the following Cable / ISP operator development services.

End to End Platform

As pioneers in the mobile television and ott (over the top) space we created and developed one of the first live mobile tv solutions and have continually over the years progressively been at the forefront of streaming, cloud and other technologies.

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Below is a brief description of the project and on the following pages are specifications, details, and budgetary cost estimates as well as our standard terms and conditions. SCI includes professional services and custom development in the launch of a multi-faceted streaming cloud based television solution with the SuperCloud International, Inc. Convergent Cloud Access System C.C.A.S.

Operator Support

We provide the best of breed support with 24/7 NOC, rapid issue resolution with centralized control management and tools.


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With custom white space vertical(s) and multi-functional S-IPTV network channel(s) which will provide full time 24 x 7 cross platform distribution television channels delivered within your franchise footprint for streaming LIVE linear TV and VOD content to your subscriber via Internet connected devices including all 3G, 4G & 5G Smart Phones, Tablets, PC’s, Smart Televisions, Set Top Boxes and Internet connected gaming consoles via TVE and you will be harnessing the power of SCI.


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  • Offers a rich user experience beyond what App.’s are able to deliver
  • Seamlessly delivers and manages 24 x 7 sustained multi- channel LIVE linear television content, special LIVE PPV events and Video on Demand
  • Customized C-Panel access for CDR & analytics reporting, event tracking and management, track sales, manage purchases, DRM, authentication, user profiles etc.
  • Targeted Advertising Modules
  • Eliminate the need to develop and maintain multiple native Apps.
  • Eliminate the need for an IPTV headend
  • Automatically recognizes and streams to all Internet connected devices in the correct bit rate, screen resolution, format and codec for the particular device
  • Instantaneous Auto Scalable to Hundreds of Millions of simultaneous users worldwide


License and Platform Customization per Licensed Operator

Why SuperCloud?

SuperCloud International, Inc. has the only complete proprietary end to end convergent multi-media global infrastructure and multi-platform hybrid cloud based multi-media streaming technology and platforms along with custom software development and integration system in the industry.

The SuperCloud International, Inc. team is made up of well-known technology, telecom and cable television experts. The award-winning team at SuperCloud International, Inc. draws on over two hundred years of collective experience in converged platform development, working with cable companies, media companies and higher learning institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

The SuperCloud custom solutions have been developed and fine-tuned incorporating custom load balancer solutions, use of multiple standard and proprietary codecs, formats, bitrates, ingestion techniques, storage, multi-layer configurations, and secure transport of audio, video and data.

Why SuperCloud?

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The proposed development project includes the licensing and customization of a co-branded or white label version of a C.C.A.S. system. This will provide up to one complete S-IPTV network vertical of channels of full time 24/7 distribution of television channels delivered in your franchise footprint for streaming LIVE Linear TV, LIVE PPV Event and or VOD to your subscriber’s Internet connected devices including all 3G, 4G & 5G Smart phones, Tablets, PC’s, Smart Televisions, Set Top Boxes and Internet connected gaming consoles.

The license will enable Cable Operator or ISP access up to 5 authorized subscriber devices per user account.


SuperCloud will perform the solution interfacing, hardware and software configurations, and engineering, set up, graphics and branding, ingestion, storage, and transport of content.

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SuperCloud will host all main equipment at its Main Data Center located in Miami, Florida. Supercloud International, Inc. will create a Mobile API interface to authenticate and process customers’ credit cards.

Client may also opt for website card processing URL redirect from its existing website. SuperCloud International, Inc. will provide Geo-locking and Geo-Blocking capability for the clients programming to ensure content/programming is not compromised.

The Cable Operator or ISP subscriber will be able to travel while enjoying their home subscription content on multiple Internet connected devices.

Web Portal Development

SuperCloud International, Inc. will equip Cable Operator or ISP Client website with an embedded SuperCloud custom player and modules for subscribers to view directly from the Client website.

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Additional enhancements may include social media integration, SEO and interactive components.

Control Panel Access

SuperCloud will provide C- Panel access to Client with full features that it may use to set its own parameters regarding refresh rates, upload of pre-recorded content, management of advertising modules, merchandising, etc.

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The Solution will be written to deliver private, protected C-Panel area. Feature Set

  • Log in to view your content library
  • Schedule programming
  • Ad Insertion
  • Storage of all searchable recordings
  • Analytics
  • Payment Gateway

Training and Support

SuperCloud agrees to provide 5 hours of training and support for C- Panel access. Initial training will be provided for initial sign on process, with customized video archives. Layouts will include an access pod with custom training videos created.

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Feature Set

  • Launch and sign on training
  • Layouts and integrated usage training SuperCloud also will provide additional Cloud Channel support services as Cable Operator or ISP Client may request such as, web design for the Channel, icon load into set top boxes or Smart Televisions channel stores, interactive communication solutions, electronic marketing & promotion etc. at an additional charge.

Client Live Event Management

SuperCloud International, Inc. will assist each Client for preparation of live event.

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Feature Set

  • Sat. truck or fiber feed to control room
  • Broadcast signal to airwaves
  • We pick up signal
  • Run through our encoders to our private cloud
  • Delivery to any Internet connected device
  • Client website with embedded SuperCloud custom player
  • Mobile API authenticates and processes credit card
  • Website card processing URL redirect from its existing website

Storage & Security

2.5 terabytes of storage per Cable Operator or ISP vertical for Client’s VOD and data storage.
Cable Operator or ISP vertical gets standard 128-bit AES to 256-bit AES encryption security.

Additional Optional Content

Multi-Cultural and Multi-National Content available upon request



Contact: Jim Devericks Email: