Your Entertainment to the MAXX

While everyone has been "ditching the dish and cutting the cord", a quiet revolution has been growing in streaming. Streaming as it's known is about to be forever changed with CloudCable.

Programming includes

the most recognizable networks that live television has to offer. Entertain yourself with UMAXX entertainment networks such as Discovery, History. Get the latest news from global networks such as CNN, OAN, Bloomberg, C-Span, and Newsmax. For sports enthusiasts, UMAXX offers its subscribers premium sports programming from The NFL Network, NHL and Fox College Sports channels. The premium TV entertainment experience wouldn’t be complete without movies, weekly sitcoms, and gameshows from your favorite networks such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, History Channel, AMC, FXX, TLC, Bravo, and more!

UMAXX service requires either the UMAXX set top box or in home service app (IHS). A minimum Internet connect speed of at least 25 Mbps is typically fast enough to enjoy the UMAXX service.

No cable or satellite? No problem ! Watch live TV and sports with the UMAXX in home TV APP
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  • Advanced Cloud-Based C-SPAN Delivery

  • 100+ Live TV HD/4K Channels

  • 50 Commercial Free Music Channels

  • 24/7 Customer Service Support

  • No-Hassle, plug and play equipment

  • SD, HD, & Ultra High Resolution 4K Video

  • No upfront cost, long-term contracts, or credit check required

  • Guaranteed lifetime warranty on all set-top boxes and remotes

  • Live DVR - get up to 50 hours free


  • “This lack of local channels is one reason that more households using antennas, pulling in free over-the-air high-definition signals. In fact, Parks Associates, a research firm, estimates that one quarter of all U.S. households with broadband internet now use a TV antenna.”

  • –Consumer Reports

  • Industry trends show that today’s consumers are choosing to access streaming content in various ways, with availability, convenience, and cost factoring into their preferences.

  • Select major content providers such as Disney (Disney+), ESPN (ESPN+), and FOX (FOX NOW), offer their content directly to consumers through apps that can be accessed through a wide variety of devices, including all Smart TVs and media sticks. The low direct-to-consumer costs of these apps have made them an attractive option that offers great value. “These services are not provided by – UMAXX.TV and are not in conflict with the service we provide”

  • Furthermore, the high costs of retransmission rights of local television networks have caused cable and satellite operators to begin dropping local television from their lineups. As a result, over 150 million people are now using apps such as Locast to tune in to local programming. Millions of others choose to use indoor HD antennas to access their local channels.

  • UMAXX’s channel lineup strategically reflects these trends. We are not just another streaming TV provider. UMAXX is the Next Generation of TV, Music & Entertainment. While offering 100+ Digital/HD channels through our superior content delivery technology at an incredible value, we are not offering these services and these services do not conflict with our Service Offerings.

  • The rapidly changing world of streaming technologies and platforms provide opportunities and challenges that Supercloud International, Inc. and its brands such as UMAXX will to continue to embrace. As the home entertainment landscape continues to evolve, we will always be one step ahead to offer our customers superior value and performance.


"These services are not provided by - UMAXX.TV and are not in conflict with the service we provide"


What is UMAXX.TV?

UMAXX TV is a in Home Service App, providing digital TV that offers over 100 channels of streaming HD entertainment, including live TV and on-demand content. Our mission is to provide our communities with the option to “cut the cord” by offering the best HD TV experience at the best price.

After signing up, where can I find help if I have questions about my account/service?

What are some networks I can watch on UMAXX.TV?

AMC, A&E, Comedy TV, Food Network, E!, Discovery Channel, Lifetime, Bravo, CNN, FX, HGTV, OAN, Newsmax, TNT, TBS, TCM, USA, and many others. See our full channel lineups here.

Does UMAXX.TV provide the ability to watch local channels?

We recommend Locast for your local broadcast channels. The Locast app can be downloaded and provides the accessibility to local broadcast signals of select markets. If Locast is not available in your area, indoor antennas that provide digital HD local channels can be purchased for under $40.

How many devices can I simultaneously watch on?​

Up to 5 TV are supported, however each TV will need a set top box.

Can I record shows?

Yes, every UMAXX.TV account includes 50 hours of Cloud DVR space at no extra charge. The programs you choose to record will appear in your recordings folder. The recording will stay in your folder up to fifty-two (52) weeks or until you decide to delete them. You can see what has already been recorded (catch up tv) by the blue dots and the red dots tell you what has been recorded while the green dots represent live TV.

How much does UMAXX.TV cost?

Prices vary based on your plan and selected add-ons. Our base plan, UMAXX PLUS, includes 100+ channels and music for $69.99 per month.

Do I have to sign a contract?

UMAXX.TV is strictly on a month-to-month basis. Your subscription will automatically renew until you choose to cancel your account in your profile.

What devices can I watch UMAXX.TV?

You can watch UMAXX.TV on any television that supports HDMI output.

After signing up, where can I find help if I have questions about my account/service?